The Prostitute: Part 3

“That was close”, whispered Rahab. She hurried to where she had hidden the spies “You were lucky! Next time you won’t be if you continue hanging around here”. The tone of her voice made it clear that it was time for them to get out of the city. ”We must move! Let’s get out now. The Lord Yahweh will protect us, and see that we return safely”, replied the taller spy. A thought whizzed through Rahab’s head “He has full confidence in his God, that’s a rare quality for a man”. The Canaanite men she hosted in her abode displayed their devotion to their gods and their families in public, but she knew they were far more passionate about other matters in private. She made a living catering to those passions. Continue reading



In total disregard of protocol, the guard zoomed into the gates of the King’s castle. “I have a message for the King”, he said. One look on his furrowed face revealed the urgency of his message. With speed he was ushered into the royal courts. Other proceedings could be halted, this meant life or death. Continue reading


Her house couldn’t have been at a better location. From the wall of the city she could scout for potential customers who upon seeing her beautiful smile, striking eyes and alluring figure, couldn’t resist what she offered. She managed to beat the competition because of her strategic location and dazzling beauty. Life was difficult for a girl like her who was born into poverty in this wealth worshiping city. She had to survive and help her family by selling the only thing she knew how to sell. Continue reading