Fight for Your Love

It’s Monday morning again! Abel taps his smartphone to shut off the alarm clock as he wakes up grumpy.  After showering and taking breakfast, several thoughts start piling in his head. “I can’t wait for the day I’ll be working for myself”. “I’ll be working in the industry I love, travel.” His face lights up as he daydreams about the day he’ll start his travel consultancy business. He walks to work with a spring in his step, his mind plotting on how he’ll set up his own firm, one where he won’t have to wake up early on Monday morning to go to work. In fact, he won’t have to wake up on Monday at all if he wanted.

I’ve been where Abel is,  slaving in work I have little passion for for while waiting for the moment where I’ll be able to get into what I love doing.  I started looking out for what I really wanted from a career. I started applying for select jobs in preferred companies, with the ideal kind of environment I wanted. I had it all figured out…so it seemed.

As I continued on my research, I gathered a lot of information on turning my obsessions into my vocation.  I followed the experts’ advice on taking calculated risks towards crafting the lifestyle I desire. I knew I would be happier making money from what I’m enthusiastic about rather than doing a job just for the paycheck. I saw people who are living ideal lifestyles in my eyes. Their blogs and Facebook timelines had showcases of panoramic pictures of them chasing their dreams in stunning locations. I drooled at the freedom Mark Zuckerberg  enjoyed as he did corporate presentations in grey T-shirts. I admired my friends doing internet based jobs in boxer shorts from the comfort of their beds. I’ve wished I was that guy who got a job that’s an exact fit for his personality and training instead of the boring one that sucked life out of me.

My perspective changed when I got a job I loved from the beginning. Software consultancy with constant travel matched what I was looking for. Finally, things would be easy, so I thought.  Years later, I’ve been there long enough to know that the travels, flexible working hours, meeting interesting people from different nationalities was only half of the story. I’ve checked in 5 star hotels during work trips, but proceeded to work till 5 a.m. I’ve enjoyed visiting stunning locations, but typed away on my laptop because of impending deadlines. I’ve fallen in love with hotel coffee making machines, because they kept me awake when I worked through the night.

Anyone who’s ever set any goal knows that achieving it won’t be effortless just because of the enthusiasm they have. There will be moments you’ll have to work even though you don’t feel like it. Being willing to work at our dreams is what will make them bear fruit. You have to fight for what you’re destined to be. If your dream has been handed to you on a silver platter, it’s probably not big enough.  You’ll be required to pay a price for it, but the God given enthusiasm you have for it  will help you achieve it.


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