Coffee with Dr Wale: Connecting the dots for 2014

Last Thursday night I attended yet another empowering and motivational Coffee with Dr Wale session hosted by Dr Wale Akinyemi. More information on Dr Wale and the activities that his Powertalks Organization is doing to impact lives in Africa is found in his website. I’ve summarized some of the nuggets shared in the meeting I attended, including a checklist that you can use to evaluate how your year has been and “Connect the Dots” for a truly Happy New 2014.

The Making of a Happy 2014

Few things are worse than taking a long flight and finding out that it was a flight to the wrong destination. In the flight of your life, are you moving in the right direction? What will make the year happy and new for you is if your life moves in a new direction which you know is in line with your purpose and goals.

Pointers for knowing if you’re in the wrong flight:

  • Your life is defined by a lot of activity but little productivity.
  • On a scale of 1-10, your enthusiasm for work on Monday morning is closer to 1 than it is to 10.

To embark on the right flight, these are some of the activities you need to do:

  • Be conscious of your words- Declare what you want to be then plan the activities to make it happen. Speak only what you want to see.
  • Start measuring your life by how close you are to where you are going, not how far you are from where you started.
  • Swim far away from the crowd at the shores-A swimmer who swims far away from the shore doesn’t hear the din of the crowds at the beach. Hearing the clutter of competition and the noise of crowds giving you all sorts of instructions means you’re not swimming out far enough.
  • Start building your capacity for your vision-Study on what you want to achieve. You’ll never progress beyond the capacity you’ve built for your vision.
  • Integrity matters-Integrity of your products, services and keeping your word will make you  move further.
  • Define your relationships and who you need to spend more time with. The types of people in your life include:
    • Joy-riders- those who are on your side only in the happiest moments of your life
    • Dream killers-Those who always have negative things to say in regards to dreams
    • Sycophants-Now we don’t need to describe these guys, do we?
    • Sharpeners-They provoke you to action. They inspire you because they’ve achieved things you haven’t yet achieved. They are the most valuable people we have in our networks because if you only hang around people you inspire, you’ll soon expire.

The checklist

All your life’s experiences, including failures and mistakes are dots that if well connected lead you to your destiny.This checklist is to help you connect those dots in your life to reach your destination.

To help you connect your life’s dots, answer these questions:

  1. Name 2 people that you met this year that left a significant mark in your life.
  2. Why did they leave a mark?
  3. Name 2 people you met in your life this year that you would love to have in your life and networks in 2014.
  4. Name 2 people in your life that you met that you don’t want to have in your life.
  5. Name someone who told you stuff you didn’t want to hear but you realized you needed to hear.
  6. Name the 2 smartest moves you made this year.
  7. How can you build on these moves?
  8. Name the 2 most important lessons you learned this year.
  9. Name the 2 dumbest moves you made this year.
  10. What steps have you taken to ensure you won’t repeat your dumbness?
  11. How did you add value to your life this year? What books did you read or what courses did you undertake?
  12. Did you accomplish what you set out to accomplish?
  13. Name 2 of your happiest moments in 2013.
  14. What will you do to ensure you have more happy moments in 2014?
  15. Describe how your life will look like in December 2014.
  16. What activities will you perform to ensure you achieve that you achieve what you described in question 15?

A goal without related activities to achieve it is just a wish, Dr Wale Akinyemi


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