We all know this story. Moses was wanted for first degree murder in Egypt. He had to flee to the wilderness where his father in law gave him a job to look after sheep. He was comfortable  until the Lord interrupted his day job with a fiery appearance in a bush to deliver His assignment. His purpose was bigger than providing balanced meals to his flock. He was to deliver Israel from bondage.

Moses, seeing the weighty task before him, looked at his limitations. He first asked The Lord who He was, as if  the conversation with the fiery angel wasn’t enough to clear any doubts as to whom he was talking to. He then asked the Lord what would happen if the Israelites didn’t believe Him. Moses thought that the One who ignited a bush without matchsticks would be powerless to display His power before His people. Fortunately for Him, God was patient enough and asked Him what he had in his hand. His own Shepherd’s staff was going to be the one that he would use in his assignment. Moses wasn’t done yet. He remembered that 40 years of looking after sheep didn’t give him time to perfect his oratory skills. “God, I’m not qualified for this job. It requires a good speaker”.

Moses knew the risk of the assignment before him. It required full trust in God. He was comfortable being employed as a shepherd as it was familiar. He forgot that the Lord who sent Him would empower Him to get the job done, because it was His plan. He forgot that he was once a prince in Egypt and was given the best education and training available at that time.

I can identify with Moses. I’ve heard that husky voice that told him to opt out of his assignment whisper within me, “You’re not yet good enough. You don’t have the street credentials yet. How do you expect to change lives? Why are you chasing your dreams this early, you’re yet to earn your stripes son! You’re trying to change your nation’s thinking? Yeah right, people more noble than you have tried and failed. You’re trying to get into business? You don’t have the entrepreneur’s personality, nor the grit and determination to hack it. You don’t believe me? Show me what you have achieved by all this dreaming. Why are you even blogging? You are not a communication expert nor a journalist. You simply are unqualified.”

I now recognize this voice. It’s the voice of fear. Fear whispers that you need to be qualified and more experienced to chase your dreams. It whispers that you need to attend one more conference or get extra training for you to step out. It’s aim is to frighten us so that we can forget many examples in the world that show the most qualified, most intelligent or most experienced are not necessarily the ones that achieve the dreams they chase, but the ones who show up and get the job done. They try, fail, try again, succeed. The world which didn’t support them when they were starting out, celebrates them when they thrive, and forgets that they weren’t the ones with the best credentials in the first place.

Credentials are like potential energy, the compliments of a name on paper, in documents, word of mouth, but faith is like kinetic energy, the motion and the force that which is witnessed. Hence in the end it is the faith rather than the credentials that really takes you places…Criss Jami


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