The Prostitute: Part 3

“That was close”, whispered Rahab. She hurried to where she had hidden the spies “You were lucky! Next time you won’t be if you continue hanging around here”. The tone of her voice made it clear that it was time for them to get out of the city. ”We must move! Let’s get out now. The Lord Yahweh will protect us, and see that we return safely”, replied the taller spy. A thought whizzed through Rahab’s head “He has full confidence in his God, that’s a rare quality for a man”. The Canaanite men she hosted in her abode displayed their devotion to their gods and their families in public, but she knew they were far more passionate about other matters in private. She made a living catering to those passions. Continue reading



We all know this story. Moses was wanted for first degree murder in Egypt. He had to flee to the wilderness where his father in law gave him a job to look after sheep. He was comfortable  until the Lord interrupted his day job with a fiery appearance in a bush to deliver His assignment. His purpose was bigger than providing balanced meals to his flock. He was to deliver Israel from bondage. Continue reading