The Main Event : Part 1

The old man, staff in hand, wearily strolled into the town square and looked around. He was obviously a man of great importance, judging by the way everyone was treating him. In the middle of the open arena he saw the hastily built altar and stepped forward to inspect it. He stared at it for a few minutes as the wind blew his thin hair on his face. “This will do”, he whispered to a younger man who stood by his side. The second man looked at him suspiciously as his long white beard moved as he spoke. “Please bring the heifer I came with. And call all the guests I’ve invited, it’s time for the afternoon sacrifice. “ Continue reading



True peace

True peace

Fear Factor

From the mountain he looked down and saw the multitude of people he was supposed to command. His was the greatest task a man from his nation had ever faced. He had to lead approximately 2 million people to take over land from nations bigger and stronger than his; nations that had walled cities and powerful armies.  Joshua’s heart melted with fear as he contemplated the insurmountable challenge before him. In all his life he was Moses’ helper, obeying his instructions and executing his commands, which came directly from Yahweh himself. His master, leader, father, sensei was now dead and he had to unwillingly pick up the baton and succeed in what the man he looked up to had failed to do, transition the Israelites from the wilderness they had been in for 40 years into the land promised to them. Being a military leader he knew to even remotely have a chance of succeeding he had to have several strategic plans to work with. Joshua had none. Continue reading

Remarkably Average

To be average is to:

1)    Arrive at work by 8 a.m. and do just the tasks assigned to you by your boss until 5 p.m. Meet all your targets, and only your targets.
Then miss out on:  learning new things that could open your world to more possibilities. Discovering things outside your normal duties that you can excel in, hence becoming more valuable. Continue reading

Book Review: The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell

Hush puppies, a footwear brand that was on the brink of obscurity, suddenly started becoming trendy again in the streets of Manhattan. New York, a city known for criminal gangs roaming and causing havoc with impunity suddenly saw crime incidences plummet. Sesame Street, a show that pioneered the genre of children’s edutainment, spread like wildfire across the world. All the above incidences looked like epidemics, because they actually were. Continue reading

The Rivers of Babylon: Part 3

They were the cream of the crop. Handsome, intelligent, well informed, well built and of royal blood, they were as close to perfection as humanly possible. For this reason they were chosen to be trained to serve in the highest capacity in the king’s court, as Advisors to the king. Their training was to include familiarizing themselves with the rituals of the Magi, learning the literature of the Chaldeans and being indoctrinated into the Babylonian religion. Being Israelites, they adamantly refused to conform themselves to what they believed were methods to corrupt them and get rid of their belief in God and replacing His worship of him with that of the Babylonian Gods. They even couldn’t eat royal food and wine from the king’s table. Continue reading

The Rivers of Babylon: Part 2

The inhabitants of Jerusalem had never seen anything like this. King Nebuchadnezzar’s armies decided to crown a brutal rampage across the plains of Egypt and Philistia by besieging Jerusalem. All the water jars ran dry. Sanitation became an unknown word. Hunger turned men into cannibals after they had eaten all the animals in sight. Not a single plant was left standing on its roots; anything that could be digested disappeared from sight. People desperately cried out to the God they had earlier forsaken, but their cries went unheeded. After 30 gruesome months, Jerusalem could no longer hold out against its superior Babylonian invaders. Continue reading