The Main Event : Part 2

A boy came rushing into the Bethlehem town square. He was obviously quick footed, as he had outpaced the runner who had gone to fetch him. He came directly to where Samuel was and bowed down in respect to the old prophet. Samuel inspected him. He smelled of sheep and his cloak was old and worn out, but that couldn’t hide the fact that he was as handsome and well-built as his seven older brothers who were standing nearby. “You must be David”, said Samuel. “Yes I am”. “Then let’s proceed”, said Samuel with a smile. “You’re the one I was waiting for.” Samuel took his horn and poured the oil on David’s head and spoke a blessing on him. He then proceeded to carry out the sacrifice hurriedly, knowing that the main reason for his coming was already complete.

Looking back at this event, we see a few things. Nobody knew the significance of what had taken place then. Nobody in the house of Jesse even in their wildest dream thought that David would one day be king over Israel. They didn’t think highly of him, in fact they despised him even after this event. Yet this young boy is the one God had chosen because He knew he was after God’s own heart. God also knew of his abilities, he was able to fight off a lion and a bear to protect his father’s sheep. A show of loyalty which nobody else but God himself had seen.

God had chosen him to carry out His assignment to lead the nation of Israel. David wasn’t the most popular guy in his peer group, but when God qualified him it didn’t matter who agreed with His choice or not. David even had been overlooked for a ceremony which he was invited, yet by God’s design he was supposed to be the main event.  The stone the builders rejected had become the chief cornerstone.

God has anointed all of us to carry out His will on earth. He’s well aware of what we can accomplish, He deposited those gifts in us. He’s confident of us completing our mission, He’s the one who’ll chart the course anyway. He’s well aware that there are many negative voices which don’t believe in us, He doesn’t need anyone else to validate His plans for our lives.

So David, in the near future would slay Goliath the champion who was feared by all Israel, skillfully play the harp for the King, become a renegade and finally ascend to the throne of Israel. What would have happened if he had allowed the dissenting voices of his family in his youth to silence him? He would have remained an unused stone, not the pillar of the nation. Ignore the voices telling you how worthless you are, and follow the one Voice which has ability to breathe life into dry bones.


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